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During the course of that summer, Toby and the Onslow Boys change her life.


I loved Tess. Loved her. I related to her in so many ways - she was shy, nervous, awkward, unsure of herself. She was worried about messing up or upsetting people, so she kept her head down and basically tried to be invisible. Her voice was so authentic, and I found her a very real and relatable character. I loved watching her growth. She went from letting people walk all over her - including her best friend Ellie - to learning to stand up and speak up for herself.

Her transformation over the summer was beautiful to watch. Then there was Toby. Oh Toby. He was so incredibly swoonworthy. He was about as perfect as a book boy can get without actually being perfect. He had this quiet, understated way about him that made you wonder what he was thinking. One thing I look for in books but often find lacking is development of secondary characters.

Duggan did a fantastic job in that respect. It was nice to see that not only were the secondary characters fleshed out, they also had some development along with Tess. The Boys of Summer is the perfect summer or any time read. Nov 30, Sharon L rated it really liked it Shelves: sweet-swoony , summer , romance-and-contemporary-romance , aussie , new-adult. This was a really quick sweet slightly nostalgic read.

Last Summer (Summer Boys, #4) by Hailey Abbott

Tess and Toby's story was sweet and cute and swoony and a little heartbreaking. I really loved the friendships in this book and The Onslow Boys I want one Huh, summer bliss. Mar 18, Lexxie un Conventional Bookworms rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , new-adult , romance , i-own , hw , kindle , read-in , coyer-winterread , brandee-recs , giveaway-win. The perfect summer romance: it has that tension, a crush from afar, giddiness, coming of age, awesome characters and really good writing!

This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookviews. Dec 18, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: aussie , decemberrelease , aussie-ya-read-in , i-have-a-copy , female-pov , realistic-fiction , ya-lit , s , aww , review-on-the-blog. J Duggan is set in the fictional Aussie town of Onslow.

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Seventeen year old Tess McGee and her best friends, Ellie and Adam, have just finished year eleven and are looking forward to summer. I hadn't even heard of this book until a couple of weeks ago and all I needed to know was that it was by an Aussie author and I knew I had to read it. The story then jumps to the present and another bullying incident but then school is over and they go off to their summer job.

The nickname and the bullying does come up later when Scott and his mates show up at a party, but it never felt fully resolved. Tess is a bit of a worrier, a little clumsy, and quite shy. Working at the hotel gets her out her out of her shell, as does talking to the group of guys that Ellie nicknames The Onslow Boys, in particular, Toby.

Toby has a girlfriend, but that doesn't stop him and Tess from accidentally bumping into each other once or twice, or hanging out at the lake or parties after work. The chemistry between them was palpable, it was clear he liked her, despite not being available. I liked getting to know The Onslow Boys, at first they all seem similar, but there are differences between them, I thought Stan and Ellie were a sweet couple, and Sean was a good friend to Tess.

The sex in the story is discussed in a responsible way. Ellie often disappears at parties with guys and is quite confident in herself, despite the fact that Tess worries that people are talking about her. Tess even buys a condom one day, just in case, and that isn't usually mentioned in books about teens having sex, and it sets a good example. I wondered as I read this, if perhaps it was set in the nineties? I thought the ending was well done, it could have been much more forced but instead it concludes book one in a satisfying way, but leaves room to wonder about what happens later on in the sequel, which is set a few years later.

The Boys of Summer is a fun, summer read featuring a bunch of mischievous teens and twentysomethings, becoming friends, hanging out and figuring out what they want from life and each other. View 1 comment. I was really anxious to read this book as it sounded good.

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Its actually a teeny bopper book excuse my phrase. I seriously don't know where was the authors mind when she thought of the characters names. Anyway, the entire story is about Tess who starts a summer job at a bar and she gets noticed by Toby. After alot of 'intima I was really anxious to read this book as it sounded good. After alot of 'intimate stares' and some flirting and their new found friendship, Toby breaks up with his girlfriend and starts something with Tess. Then she gives him her Virginity on his old couch and doesnt tell him shes a virgin.

As this is Young adult offcourse everything in this book is PG. There is some confusion betweeen them and she thinks he cheated on her with his ex and she kisses and dry humps his friend till he comes in his pants hahahahahhahahhaha!!! Offcorse Toby finds out and is pissed and breaks up with her. Typical teen- thinks her world is over but its understandable as she liked him forever. This is not a bad book if you are about 15 years old. For anyone older then 15, its a waste of time View all 15 comments.

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Mar 09, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: nook , contemporary-romance , new-adult. This was such a cute, summertime in Australia, fun story. Tess is a 17 year old girl that has been finagled by her friends, Adam and Ellie, into working the summer weekends at the Onslow hotel restraunt. Her and Ellie are soon introduced to, and hanging out with who they refer to as the Onslow Boys. And one of them just happens to be Tess' long time crush.

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After a boat trip, some weekend parties, and an unfortuate bike mishap, Tess and he This was such a cute, summertime in Australia, fun story. After a boat trip, some weekend parties, and an unfortuate bike mishap, Tess and her crush, Toby, start falling more and more for each other. But there are obstacles like a crazy girlfriend, that do not make it easy. This all made for an entertaining love story. I loved the characters and the friendships and relationships that developed in the story. Tess was pretty funny with her mishaps, and there was fun banter going on with different friends.

A Summer Without Boys (1973) Kay Lenz

And I fell in love with the boys. Especially Toby. At one point I almost changed my mind about him, but he pulled through for me in the end.

I do wish there was more story for Adam and Sean. I feel like I need their stories of finding love, too.