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The sport is played informally in schools and pick-up games under varying rules; and formally as an international sport, under rules that vary among international governing bodies, such as the World Dodgeball Federation WDBF and the World Dodgeball Association WDA. USA Dodgeball is the governing entity for dodgeball in the United States, with member leagues and clubs across the nation.

International dodgeball day is April Modern dodgeball may be based on a game first observed in Africa about years ago, [2] [ unreliable source? James H. Carlisle saw them playing this game and returned to teach at St. Mary's College, Norfolk, where he transformed the dangerous African game into a safer game with a leather ball instead of rocks.

In , he returned to America and wrote the first official rules. American colleges started playing each other and the sport grew rapidly into what we now call dodgeball. There are many different ball types used around the world, including 8. USA Dodgeball uses all ball types across multiple tournaments held by them and their respective member organizations.

The World Dodgeball Federation uses primarily Foam for their World Championships with plans to cloth in the coming years as those are the two balls used most widely across the world. The WDA specifies the use of five balls; certain national rulesets, such as in Austria, specify six. More balls generally adds to the amount of action in a game, but can result in stalemate with many blocks.

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If there are too few balls, the element of stealth is removed, as players can see all the balls that might hit them. Dodgeball can be played on any surface that has clearly marked boundaries and a center line. A typical game is played on a basketball court, volleyball court or fenced area. Games can also be played outdoors on a soccer pitch or football field.

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Informal matches of dodgeball are typically played until all players on one side are out. In WDBF guidelines, matches last a total of 40 minutes. These are split into two minute halves, during which as many sets as possible are played. A set lasts until all players on one side are out. One point is awarded for every set won. Teams switch sides at halftime. In informal dodgeball, balls are initially distributed to players by one of the following methods:. In this latter option, players then rush toward the center line to grab one of the balls. This is called the opening rush. It is never legal to immediately throw such a ball at an opponent; a player grabbing a ball on the center line retreats or throws it back to a teammate.

In WDBF regulations, the ball must be returned behind an "attack line", roughly a third of the way from the back of court. Players may only run for the balls on the right side of the court. Place the smaller bucket a short distance from the larger bucket and fill the larger bucket with water.

Have your child scoop water from the larger bucket and fill the smaller one. To make the game more challenging, put small holes in the cup or have your child dance as they move from bucket to bucket.

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There are so many ways to make paper airplanes at home. Throw them inside or outside and see how high they can fly, how far they can fly, or if your child can throw them through an object such as a hula hoop. Cover your living room floor the shark-filled ocean with foam floor tiles or towels taped to the floor with painters tape and have your child jump from one to the next without getting nabbed by a shark.

Bean bags are an easy-to-grip and throw item for kids. Indoors or out, have kids throw them into targets such as laundry baskets or hula hoops. For this ultimate hand-eye coordination and balance game, give kids a spoon and have them balance a hard-boiled or plastic egg from one point to another either indoors or out. How quickly can they go? Can they dance as they move? Tie a length of ribbon to the end of a stick or baton and watch as your kids dance and swirl their ribbons in the air. Set up a line of couch, throw, or bed pillows on your floor, and have your child walk from one end to the other.

It may sound easy but their balance will be challenged! Switch up regular bowling inside or outside by having your kids use different sizes of balls to kick down different objects such as empty bottles or rolls of paper towels. Pick a tree with low branches and let your child climb.

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Be close by for help but let your kids see how far they can get on their own. Have your child balance a bean bag on their head and walk from one point to another without dropping it. As they master the walk, move the points further apart or make the course a bit more challenging by adding zig zags or circles, or objects around which they have to maneuver. Bubble wrap is not just for packing fragile objects. Turn a jump rope around in a circle low to the ground while your child hops over it without touching it.

Be prepared to be the jumper when your child wants to turn the rope too! Indoors or out, let your imagination run wild as you set up an obstacle course for your child. Have them crawl under tables, climb over chairs, jump over ropes, hop from cone to cone, crawl through a cardboard box, jump through a line of hula hoops, throw a family of stuffed animals into a laundry basket, etc.

Get into nature and encourage your kids to climb hills, jump over sticks, and balance on tree stumps. Prepare a list ahead of time of items to search for as you and your child leave the stroller at home and take a walk through your neighbourhood. Can they spot a stop sign, a blue flower, something with a tail, something round, a fire hydrant, etc.?

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Check off the items on the list or use your phone to take pictures to review later. Set up a sprinkler in your yard and have your kids jump through using animal movements or dance through singing along may cause hilarious water in mouth incidents!

Kids learn to catch at different rates but working with them on the skill can begin with throwing them a balloon or a soft object such as a rolled up pair of socks or a light ball will be less intimidating than a heavy or small ball. Start by standing close to your child and as they master the catch, move further away.

Head to your local trampoline park and let your kids jump their sillies out. Not only will they be using their jumping or rolling skills, but their balance will also be challenged too.

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