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The book is full of the things you'd expect of a river adventure in Canada - mosquitoes and blackflies, portaging through swamps and around rapids, getting lost on the wrong branches of rivers, and sightings of moose, caribou and large fish. This is a really great book that I'm sure any outdoorsy person will enjoy. Jun 28, Kat Nistler rated it it was amazing. It was an amazing experience for students to come and be leaders and adventurers just like Scott Anderson. This book was funny, insightful, full of fun facts, and also bittersweet knowing he had passed at such a young age.

I live in Duluth, love to canoe and have lived in MN all my life so maybe I am a bit biased, but I thought this book was really great and an easy read! Feb 16, Tim Fox rated it really liked it. I first read this book in the early 90's.

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Inspired by the adventurousness of the young author and his canoeing partner, I thoroughly loved it. Re-reading twenty some years later tempered that enthusiasm a bit, though I still found it interesting and an enjoyable read. Recommended for boundary waters and North Shore enthusiasts. A side note: the author was tragically killed in a plane crash in Jun 29, Ashley rated it liked it.

I had forgotten that I'd read this book. I was in eighth grade. I used to keep a book journal.

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Here is what I, as a thirteen-year-old, wrote about reading this book: "My father bought Distant Fires for me but read it first. He liked it because 1. It was about canoeing and 2. It was witty. It was funny! All the tribulations in this trip were retold in a humorous way. Scott Anderson put things so eloque I had forgotten that I'd read this book. Scott Anderson put things so eloquently. Hudson's Bay was "the resting place of the rivers". Oh, and I thought this was original at the time: Life is the pursuit, not the capture.

Oct 04, Kathy rated it really liked it. This is a short, hilarious account of a canoe trip from Duluth MN to York Factory, Canada by two friends in the mid-eighties. As the cover succinctly explains: "1 canoe, 2 guys, 3 months, 45 lbs.

Distant Fires : Duluth to Hudson Bay -

Oct 02, Janet rated it really liked it. I believe this is the first book by the author but none the less it is a very entertaining read. What is lacking in experience, Scott Anderson more then makes up for with his first hand knowledge of this adventure.

My family has been going to the North Shore of Lake Superior since I was young and there is something magical and spiritual about the great lakes and forests in the north country. Scott Anderson, with his simple, straightforward text, brings me there. I enjoyed it. Nov 25, Gavin rated it liked it. Anderson tells an often hilarious story about their trip and the mishaps that come with any adventure like this. Despite the humour, he never loses sight of his obvious passion for the north country and the pleasure of canoeing through it.

Bill Bryson should take note. Mar 05, Dovofthegalilee rated it really liked it.

A thoughtful book that I would imagine you could only pick up at a roadside diner in the North country or some such setting. Amateurish in some ways it adds to the writing of a young man describing his trip. Very readable and I am happy to have found such a limited distributed book.

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Sep 22, Sue rated it liked it. I skimmed this book and enjoyed it. Anderson has included quips that those with canoeing or camping experience will particularly enjoy, however this book is for anyone with an interest in the area.

This is a good companion to the book Canoeing with the Cree by Eric Sevareid. Oct 15, Ann rated it liked it. Jul 31, Rick rated it liked it. Good, but there are several in this genre that are better. Canoeing With the Cree tops the list. Aug 30, Chad Kerchner rated it liked it.

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Pretty good book. Very well written. Very similar to Canoeing with the Cree, but still different enough to be interesting. Nov 14, Ann rated it liked it. Perhaps a mistake to read this before "Canoeing with the Cree. Feb 22, Doug rated it it was amazing.

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Second time reading this book and enjoyed it every bit as much as I did ten years ago. Low key "Minnesota" humor and a good adventure yarn make this a fast, enjoyable read.

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Carly rated it really liked it Jul 17, Barbara A. It is a compliment to say no actor stands out in this excellent ensemble cast. The angry Foos is the showiest role, and Jackson thoroughly embodies the character. But where is the wind everybody keeps talking about?

Production : Don Fairbanks and Graconn Ltd. Opened Nov. Cast : Foos Samuel L. Jackson Thomas Mykelti Williamson Beauty Sweeney Raymond Ellis E.

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