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Add the lavender flowers last. Then, sit in the detox concoction for minutes. After recently moving into a new home and only having a shower for years, aesthetician and founder of Cultivar Clara Williams says baths have become a part of her daily routine to revitalize her after work. Epsom or sea salts will work, but don't use regular table salt," says Williams. I add a handful of the fragrant fresh herbs that I've been growing, too. And yes, I sometimes add dandelion flowers because they are pretty and they are not just weeds.

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Handful of herbs tie them inside cheesecloth to help keep the tub clean. Add your ingredients to your bathwater and enjoy. Some herbs Williams suggests for your detox bath: parsley soothes inflammation and tones skin , rosemary for relaxation and mint for healing.

Pro-tip: baths are even better with a glass of wine and a candle. Combine the salts and seaweed powder in a container then stir into a hot bath. Amp up your bath with no more than 10 total drops of essential oils. Soak for 20 to 30 minutes. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons.

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Follow Us. All rights reserved. Janet Rhodes via Getty Images. Niteenrk via Getty Images. KathyKafka via Getty Images. Eugene Mymrin via Getty Images. As I mentioned before, dilution is very important when working with essential oils. So, I provided the recommended amounts per tablespoon of carrier oil. I have not provided the exact amounts of essential oils that you should add to the kids bath bomb recipe because this will highly depend on:. So, when adding essential oils to the bath bomb recipe you need to use your own judgment. I hope the table above will make it easier. Also, Dr.

Axe has quite a good article about essential oils. There are many beautiful bath bomb molds that you can buy online.

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Or, you can use something that you already have at home, for example, a cupcake baking tray. To make bath bombs for toddlers, choose small bath bomb molds. The small round bath bomb molds in the picture are a great option. For bigger kids, choose bigger molds. Bigger bath bombs will produce more fizz and more colors. Children like interesting shapes — cars, flowers, bugs and etc.

I used silicone molds for baking. My only tip for purchasing molds for bath bombs is to avoid designs that have a lot of small details. Bath bomb molds with simple designs are the easiest to work with. Easy flower mold. The ingredients above are sufficient to make beautiful and kids friendly bath bombs. But if you want to go a step further consider adding these extras:. It is a gentle ingredient and helps to soothe itchy skin. You do not need to change anything in the recipe to add extras. Many bath bomb recipes online call for Epsom salts.

It is a nice additive but it may make the bath bomb mix more difficult to work with. Also, some children might be allergic to it. Combine baking soda and cornstarch in a large bowl and mix. Add couple drops of water-soluble soap dye, spray some warm water on top and mix very well. Warm water will help the color mix better. Keep mixing until the colors are even. Keep adding more drops of color until you reach the desired shade.

In a separate bowl, mix melted coconut oil and essential oils. This is the part were we dilute the essential oils in the carrier oil.


Pour the oil mixture into the large bowl and mix. You can use a whisk or your own hands to mix use gloves. Your mix needs to be slightly moist but not wet. Add citric acid and mix well. Your final mixture should resemble damp sand. Squeeze the mixture in your palm. If it stays together — then your mixture is ready. If not, spray a little bit of water and mix again.

Pack your bath bomb molds. Add a little bit at a time and press with your fingers firmly. Molds need to be tightly packed. Let the mixture sit in the bath bomb mold for a couple minutes and then remove. Leave it to dry for 24 hours. Store in an airtight dry container. As you see, this kid-friendly bath bomb recipe is easy to make.

You could even make bath bombs together with your kids. Let me know if you tried making this recipe and what you think. Great question! Updated the post to show that. These look like a great alternative to store bought bath bombs. Do you have to use the essential oils in it? Would Dr. Thank you. Hi, How many bath bombs this recipe can make?

It depends from mould but on average if take standard ball size? If you use water solvable soap dye without polysorbate will the colour not stick to children and bath tub? Skip to content.