Refiguring Rhetorical Education: Women Teaching African American, Native American, and Chicano/a Students, 1865-1911

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Getty Images. Mitchel knocked on the door, and Mr. Hapgood answered. Hapgood wrote. I did not think a sink was broken and I had not called in any requests for maintenance. Nevertheless, as he was in uniform and being rational after all this was an upscale hotel , I said he could come in and take a look and I let him in.

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Moments later, Mr. Hapgood wrote, Mr. As the two men struggled, the girls ran to the front desk for help, and a bellman, Geshuane Clarke, 27, hurried to the room. He said in an interview that he saw drops of blood on the floor inside and, nearby, a partially opened Leatherman tool. Then he heard loud thuds and found the two men on the floor in the bathroom. Mitchel, who was whippet-thin, was on his back, and the larger Mr. Hapgood was straddling his torso with his left arm leaning on Mr. Clarke said. He said Mr. Mitchel appeared to be struggling for air.

Clarke recalled Mr. Then Mr. Clarke, who also has a job as a dental assistant and who has had medical training, told Mr. Hapgood that Mr. I can feel him breathing. Hapgood was adamant that he would not let Mr. Mitchel up until the police arrived or the hotel security guards put him in handcuffs, Mr. About a half-hour passed this way.

To try to appease him, Mr. Clarke said he looked around in vain for duct tape to bind his friend. More employees arrived at the room, including a supervisor. Hapgood said they were wearing hotel uniforms and addressed Mr. Mitchel by name.

Stolen Child

Mitchel was fading, Mr. Clarke recalled. Then, he added, Mr. Clarke said he saw her filming the scene with her phone. The Hapgoods, however, said she did not film the incident.

Find out how to select the right lender and optimise benefits under the new regime.

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