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Manage my Account. Last Seen. Love Letters. All Podcasts. All Newsletters. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Email to a Friend. Ideas David Scharfenberg The hidden danger of impeachment. House committees issue first subpoena to Pompeo as part of Ukraine scandal House Democrats plan hearing as early as next week in impeachment inquiry.

The creator of “Atlanta” wants TV to tell hard truths. Is the audience ready?

Some call records were kept on secret server over concern for leaks, officials say. Here are 10 notable quotes from a historic week in Washington. Officials say it is safe for people to be in their homes and businesses, and utility crews want people there for the final steps of the gas restoration effort so Columbia Gas can be sure that gas is flowing properly to appliances. One had just started first grade, the other, kindergarten, when the flu-like symptoms struck. Both tested positive for the rare, mosquito-borne virus. Man convicted of first-degree murder in grisly Peabody slayings.

Amid vaping update, Baker stands by temporary ban.

The Bills have a young and improving quarterback, and coaching that is dynamic and fearless. So at , their fans can hope.


But the Patriots always seem to win in Buffalo. Seasoned environmental activists look at the events of September and see welcome reinforcements, vindication of their cause, and a lesson in urgency. Cartoon Christopher Weyant. Our new series "On the Street" explores neighborhood change through the lens of retail and real estate.

Who made us laugh the hardest this millennium? Longtime tenants at the Artist Studios Building are reeling after being told this week that they must vacate their studios by May and reapply for admission under an ambitious new BCA residency program planned there. Alex Speier. Ownership indicated a desire to get the team below the luxury tax threshold, but doing so could be complicated. More Recent Headlines. Nate Eovaldi is one problem regrouping Red Sox must solve. Dan Koh weighing a rematch against Lori Trahan amid campaign finance questions. Harvard endowment underwhelms again. Amid expansion, Steward Health Care System reports losses.

Lawrence man pleads not guilty in death of year-old Chloe Ricard. New Boston schools superintendent already faces changes on leadership team. If we are going to preserve Cape Cod we must learn to look for warnings we would prefer to ignore. The marsh, the birds, the forest, the food: so much is changing, shifting or washing away. Recommended Reads.

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Bulger, who was the longtime president of the Massachusetts Senate and a former president of the University of Massachusetts. And I will be the hero! Twenty years ago, Molly Lutcavage proposed a radical theory about giant tuna. A terrible tuna season is proving her right, just as everything else is going wrong.

Rhode Island. A lawyer representing Thomas Woodworth said he thinks a grand jury probe would start next week. Lifespan leaders offered to resign to advance merger talks with Care New England, Brown. I need Malcolm. You too Martin. You know what they did to him? They killed him. As a boy, he wanted to be a wedding planner.

Slim but thick-chested and broad-shouldered, Glover has the rolling, slew-footed walk of a riverboat captain. In a group, he laughs as often as he makes others laugh, a trait rare among the occupationally funny. Acquaintances love to proclaim how warm or chill or dope he is, but none of that is exactly right, or exactly right for long. He answers the phone warily, as if it were always 3 a. In Hollywood, Glover has become the model for how to succeed on your own terms.

He has a house in Atlanta and a studio in Los Angeles, and often rents a place in Kauai, but he rarely settles in any of them. One night in January, he drove to Target to buy a blanket to make it cozier. Glover and Beetz tooled up and down Gun Club Road for hours, getting filmed from one side and then the other as they chatted about why they were going to Fastnacht.

Earn and Van are feeling floaty and relaxed, enjoying each other—a setup for quarrels to come. None of us are equipped to survive for even two weeks. People want that right now. They just want to know how to survive when the world ends. As Beetz shook her head, laughing, Seimetz came over. Money, please? But he has a lot of ideas. When they broke for lunch, Glover and Beetz rode to base camp in a Chevy Suburban driven by his outsized bodyguard, Jason Cornelius.

They started talking about trap music, a poundingly kinetic form of Atlanta rap that originated in the crack-and-weed dens known as trap houses. You want some more metaphorical language, like Jay-Z. Play that fuck right now, if you got it. He never had a chance! Glover stared off. Beetz told me that she adored Glover without beginning to understand him. I am complicated, though. In the old days of television, when four networks dominated the industry, the survival standard was clear. A show thrived by attracting a huge audience, and it attracted a huge audience by being diverting yet comforting.

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  • Hacker says it's "possibly the biggest news in iOS jailbreak community in years.".
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To stay on the air, you had to sell reassurance, with every story being resolved before the last commercial. Everything had to be bigger than people actually are—you had to have the most surprising people fucking and blow shit up in a ball of fire. That creative breakthrough allowed shows to aim for smaller but more fervent audiences, to traffic not in quirky heroes but in flawed Everymen prone to depression and savagery.

It allowed adult drama, which was expiring as a film genre, to be reborn on television. Nowadays, as sixty-one cable networks and streaming services seek to distinguish their entries among the four hundred and eighty-seven scripted shows in production, verisimilitude matters, but only as much as attitude and mood.

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Ambiguity has become a selling point, with nonlinear storytelling the new norm. Many dramas are designed to be solved or resolved online, where fans can collaborate to crack open the hidden Easter eggs. Maybe Season One is a circle. You just have to end after thirty minutes. They looked to make all our voices monolithic.

Creative risk, for black sitcom creators, still felt unfairly risky.