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Saliva causes the mouth to be very humid, helping inflammatory cells patch up injuries.

It also speeds up blood clotting. Helpful as saliva is, a study explored whether the cells that cover your mouth could hold some of the secrets to rapid healing. They found that certain proteins active in oral skin cells leaped into repair mode, preventing inflammation and promoting wound closure.

The healing moment of Chipmunk

And these regulating proteins packed a major punch: the skin wounds took about three times longer to heal than the wounds in the mouth. Plus, the injuries in the mouth closed without scarring, unlike the cuts on the arm. And this would be especially problematic because the mouth contains microbes that could potentially make their way into cuts and scrapes.


If healing involves a pill and the pill alleviates the noxious symptoms then great, done. Continued Read More.

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Do you feel its twin brother, remorse? I know, this sounds blasphemous, incredible, given our While learning about our connection to the spirit world is essential to understanding soul evolvement and our own progress as a soul life after life, it is important to not engage with spirits on your own.


I say this because, though there are souls in the other realm whose purpose it is to watch over us and help us gain Testimonials I am a year-old woman who has a masters in nursing. I have been practicing my profession for nearly 50 years and have a strong trust of western medicine. That being said, I have had a few medical challenges over the past several years and have sought the aid of alternative medicine along with western medicine. I have consulted with Annette over the years and have experienced distant healing through her on at least three occasions which I found very helpful.

Healing Moments in Psychotherapy

There was one occasion that stands out in my mind. I had a severe cough that kept me up all night may have been whooping cough. I was being treated for it by my physician, but nothing was helping. This was the first time I worked with Annette to do distant healing.

It was a very easy process where I gave her permission to enter my body and I tried to relax during the energetic healing session. After that session, I had more energy and, though still coughed, this illness fully resolved shortly afterwards… — Diane F. Read More First of all I will say I had suffered from low back pain for the greater part of my adult life.

The Healing Effect of Living The Present Moment -

The pain was of varying intensity, nearly always present. I no longer suffer from back pain. On occasion I will experience some soreness after strenuous effort using my low back.

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This healing has been brought about through treatment given by Annette Goggio… — Steven G. Read More It was fate that brought my family to Annette Goggio. I was not intentionally searching for help when I bumped into her but as fate would have it, our lives would change forever. My husband had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of Annette began treatment sessions on him leading up to his surgery and continued following his post operative care.

The surgery to remove his prostate was a success and the cancer was gone with no need for additional treatment thereafter. Now there's a painful memory AND a healing memory side-by-side. Once people experience this totality, their organisms contain all the parts necessary to bring completion and to feel whole.

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They now have now within themselves the capacity to be what they felt they missed. New wiring has been connected. Without that initial experience, there are no pathways to make the connection. Exact moments — auditory, kinesthetic, and visual — embrace the senses and enter on levels. They facilitate healing from inside out, saturating the person on all levels like a heavy rain on dry ground.

Testimonials News Contact Us. Exact Moments Of Healing There are moments in the lives of some people that never should have happened.